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Be a caretaker of Flagstaff’s history
by being a member, supporter, or homeowner.

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Townsite Community Land Trust

Through our community’s investment, we restore, rehabilitate, and modernize historic homes while retaining their historic character. These homes will house Flagstaff families for at least another 100 years by using the community land trust model. In turn, our homeowners will become the caretakers and stewards of Flagstaff’s history. Additionally, membership will sustain our ongoing goals.

“I’ve learned so much about the process of buying a house through this experience. I can’t imagine doing it without TCLT, which provided guidance every step of the way.”

~ Christine,
Flagstaff TCLT Homeowner

See photos of the historic preservation and restoration of Townsite Community Land Trust homes in Flagstaff, Arizona


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TCLT Receives Governor’s Award from the State Historic Preservation Office

September 10th, 2018|

Photo by Eric Vondy, AZ State Historic Preservation Office The nomination recognized the restoration of the 4 Square historic cottages at the corner of W. Aspen Ave. and N. Bonito St. and for establishing Townsite CLT [...]